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.My paintings explore how images imprint themselves on our visual memory.  I understand painting as a journey in which I take my experience of the world and bring it to a personal language and form.   I  try to reduce and find the essence of  what I see to the pure forms found in nature and architecture. Because I spend time in rural Mexico I have been imprinted with the powerful colors of the indigenous architecture in towns and villages. It is bold, it is personal and it makes me smile.


The development of perspective in 15th century Italy changed painting. Perspective tells us that there is order in the world even though current events suggest otherwise. Perspective alters the real world and I think of it as a kind of abstraction, a language that helps us to  understand what we see.   I uses perspective lines and the horizon  to remind me of the unseen forces that create space on a flat surface. 


Are paintings honest and true? I hope so and it is that truth I seek in each painting.